Mathews County Chamber of Commerce:
Annual & Pro-rated Membership Dues
(Pro-rated Dues begin March 1st)
Your Membership dues entitle you to one vote.
If qualifying for a pro-rated fee, enter the appropriate fee into the blank field when paying using the shopping cart.  

Educators, Interested individuals, Ministers, Military, Families, etc.
Retired individuals and couples- $25.00
Mar-$23.00; Apr-$21.00; May-$20.00; June-$18.00
July-$16.00; Aug-$18.00; Sept-$16.00; Oct-14.00; Nov-$12.00; Dec-$10.00

CODE 501(C) Examples: Churches, Kiwanis, Knight of Columbus,
Ruritans, Red Cross, YMCA, County Clubs, Hunt Clubs - $50.00
Mar-$46.00; Apr-$42.00; May-$38.00; June-$34.00
July-$30.00; Aug-$26.00; Sept-$22.00; Oct-$18.00; Nov-$14.00; Dec-10.00

3. INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS OWNER: One person who is the only
individual in the firm or business- $75.00
Mar-$68.75; Apr-$62.50; May-$56.25; June-$50.00
July-$43.75; Aug-$37.50; Sept-$31.25; Oct-$25.00; Nov-$18.75; Dec-$12.50

4. GENERAL BUSINESS FIRMS: The annual membership dues for
businesses not specifically covered under a special category is
determined by the number of owners and employees in the business.
2-50 employees $100.00
Mar-$92.00; Apr-$84.00; May-$76.00; June-$68.00
July-$60.00; Aug-$52.00; Sept-$44.00; Oct-$36.00; Nov-$28.00; Dec-$20.00
51+ employees  $150.00
Mar-$137.50; Apr-$125.00; May-$112.50; June-$100.00
July-$87.50; Aug-$75.00; Sept-$62.50; Oct-$50.00; Nov-$37.50; Dec-$25.00

The base membership dues will entitle the member to one vote.
Members will renew their membership every year in January.
New members joining between March 1 and December 31 will
pay a pro-rated fee, then renew in January the following year.

Individuals not actively engaged in commerce

Qualified charitable organizations under IRS Code 501 (C)

Individual business owner

General business firms

Amount of Employees
Please note: If you are joining after March 1st, please send us a check with your pro-rated amount
per category and date as shown above.